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In the book « A new approach to Territorial Marketing » published by Harmattan, we talk about the method created by us: The attractiveness Canvas.
You can download the latest version of the matrices below. They are copyright free.

Attractiveness Canvas

Attractiveness Territory Canvas

This is established to analyze the elements that can make up the attractiveness of a territory. It does not directly concern the tourist aspect but rather a kind of well-being on a territorial scale, which makes it attractive or not.
Each sector is to be completed with post-its by the stakeholders.
It is up to you to extract the common points to summarize the offers, and to index in the small octagon at the bottom left the weight of the sector compared to the others to assess its importance.

Download CANVAS Attractiveness

Territory and Destination Canvas

In this second diagram, we deal with the aspects influenced by the local policies of territories and attributes as a tourist destination.
Attention, the first three sectors are a resumption of the previous diagram (Attractiveness Canvas), they make it possible to relaunch the reflection in connection with the new sectors presented in the latter. The Tourism sector is to be defined even if it is also divided into the last four criteria.


Territory Canvas
Diagnostic Canvas

Brand Pyramid and Diagnostic Canvas

On the left side is the brand pyramid which, with all the thinking you have done so far, will be easy to co-construct with your stakeholders.

We will focus on the last four modules that define the essence of the destination brand through its awareness, its message, its promises and its capital.


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