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At a time when the world of Tourism is at the heart of a major upheaval and paradigm shifts affecting the economy, the environment, the climate and society as a whole, the Alps Agency is working and preparing the means and the practices of solutions with a local anchoring of tourism. Accessible and efficient responses, to succeed in its projects within the framework of a new tourist development on a human scale and with high local added value.

Example of projects


Tourism development scheme

The tourism development plan is the document that will frame and define the actions related to tourism for the years to come. In order to coordinate tourist development in the territory, it is imperative to write a document implementing possible future prospects to optimize the development of tourist activity. Each destination has its own tourist offer, likely to meet the expectations of different clienteles. In order to carry out an effective development policy, adapted to the strengths and potentials of the destination, the territorial governance must define a tourist development plan to provide a framework for the implementation of its tourist policy and the investments which result from it.

Development of a tourism policy

A tourism development strategy is based on several basic principles.

A customer approach that puts the expectations of existing or resident customers at the heart of the process in order to satisfy them and an action plan to conquer new targets. All this is organized around the tourist offer and an adapted territorial organization.

Co-construction of the action plan with the various local actors (elected, institutional and professional) in order to share the same vision and have objectives. Each with different missions to perfect the collective success of the destination.

Vue aerienne de Versailles

Architecture of tourist information systems

Tourist Information Systems are essential tools for the tourist development of a territory, major collaborative devices for all the actors concerned. Set up in a network generally on the whole of a territorial level, they bring together various functionalities in line with the needs of institutional tourism and those of professionals, particularly in terms of marketing, observation information and marketing.

They are the basis or the founding base of a true digital tourism ecosystem.

Customer market analysis

Market research is prospective work done to analyze, measure and understand the real functioning of the forces at work within the framework of a market. This is a preamble implemented as part of the destination’s or company’s marketing thinking.

Why do a market study: to know the behavior of your customers and provide them with informed tourist proposals.

What is a target: a community of people or companies who have the same needs and share the same centers of interest. You can serve them through the same distribution channels, they may be sensitive to the same communication and will agree to pay the same price. It remains to decide then the link you want to maintain with them.

Intelligence artificielle

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Development of projects in the hotel and outdoor hotel industry

Conduct market research

Often overlooked, market research is one of the most important steps in any project to create an entrepreneurial proposal.
Whether you want to start your own business or launch a new offer or product, market research is imperative. It allows to know the appropriate market and its stakes. Finally, it confirms the feasibility of the project.

The various information from the market study will allow you to analyze the needs in relation to your offer. We work in Design Thinking to have a more graphic rendering of market research.
How can you stand out from the big players in your business? What are your key success factors for your project ?

Establish a marketing strategy

Launching a new product or entering a new market should leave nothing to chance. A good marketing strategy must serve to maximize the company’s chances of success and lead it to new development opportunities. the Alps Agency helps you define and implement an effective marketing approach.

It is not easy to convince a customer that a product is made for him, just as it can be complex to find a place in a particularly competitive market. We are here to support you in marketing your products.

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Development of restaurant projects

Design an economic model

To build an economic model, it is necessary above all to define a first objective, which corresponds to a global strategy. This objective helps you to measure and set the means to implement to achieve it. This leads to the first indicators for measuring success. You will also need to mobilize resources, define partners and suppliers and aggregate distribution channels to customer segments. A jungle for those who are unaccompanied. Fortunately, the Alps Agency offers to support you in your assessment process.

Customer experience in a food establishment

Your restaurant has everything to please your customers. You offer the best of you in the dishes and an exceptional atmosphere. However, few customers come to eat in your establishment. You notice that your restaurant’s Google and Tripadvisor reviews are low and hardly anyone seems to be praising your establishment. How to rework your reputation and improve the customer experience in order to better retain your customers ?

Offer a quality experience and improve your customer relationship in restaurants. After all, your customers don’t just come to your establishment to eat. They want to live a unique experience, while feeling listened to and appreciated within your restaurant. You must therefore establish a relationship of trust and offer an unforgettable experience.

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Development of projects for activity providers

Live a tourist experience

Designing an experiment is not easy. Starting from the base product, you have to imagine the services that result from it to reach a state of satisfaction for your customer, allowing you to create a memorable and personalized memory of your visit. We must stage the way to personally engage each individual. Tourism is a perfect backdrop for delivering experiences, emotion, landscapes, surprise, committed local communities, a personalization of the offer which can, where appropriate, lead to the transformation of the customer and become an experience. customer. The Alps agency is there to help you shape this experience step by step.

Activité en montagne

Create a connection with the customer

By putting your customers at the heart of the system, you place them at the heart of your project. They will understand that your activity is related to them and their enchantment. Better, they will see that in reality, you make their satisfaction a priority and you will then gain their trust. This relationship of trust creates a bond with your proposal.

This link can be set up through the 5 senses of the human being, but also through the surprise effect offered. All associated with the brand of your project, you can seek to reach a state of memory creation that can potentially lead to the creation of mutual trust between the client and you.

The Alps agency accompanies you in the development of this concept of link and the experience that results from it.

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