Our methodologies

Our methodologies


Exclusivity of the Alps Agency for Territorial Marketing

In 2018, the Alps Agency validated a method for diagnosing the attractiveness of a territory using three tools. The set takes the name of Attractiveness & Territories Canvas or Canvas Territory of attractiveness is today used in a good number of tourist destinations.

The Territory of Attractiveness Canvas is based on a set of elements making it possible to define the pillars of the attractiveness of the territory concerned in order to bring out a real territorial marketing strategy.

This concept inspired by the Canvas business model is at the crossroads of project management techniques, brainstorming and Design Thinking.

The Territory of Attractiveness Canvas allows you to fairly quickly define a diagnosis of a territory or structure. This is work carried out in full collaboration with the stakeholders, allowing the emergence of real operational concepts.

The definition of this strategy is done in three phases

The economic, political and institutional actors identified (in collaboration with the commissioner) are supported to feed the reflection and define a strategic plan that can act on all the levers generating flows within the territory.

Stakeholders are working in co-creation on a new schema called Territory and Destination Canvas. The latter is used to refine the tourist attractiveness of a destination. At the end of the session, only the common proposals are retained and noted.

Provide an enlightened vision of the attractiveness defined during the first two working sessions to extract a clear vision of the project. It can take the form of a project or a brand with the guarantee of not remaining on the traditional Name-Logo-Slogan. This brand vision is based on the one hand on a positioning resulting from a pyramid of brands and on the other hand on four attributes which are the message, the promise, its notoriety and its brand equity.

Our methodologies


The Alps agency frequently uses the Business Model Canvas as a solution design tool:
It helps you create or adapt the economic model of your structure.
lb> it differs from “classic” business plans by its visual aspect and its intuitive side
=> it allows you to quickly identify a synthetic vision of your strategy and the actions to be implemented
=> it illuminates communication and sales channels

It leads stakeholders to focus on the key elements of their business plan:
=> the market
=> infrastructure
=> the financial aspects
This causes the creator of the project to ask the right

Questions :
=> what product or service with high added value to offer?
=> How do I deliver my proposal to the client?
=> how to produce value?
=> how to capture the value?

It allows thought to evolve:
=> around the product
=> around the target and the means to reach it
=> around revenue models.

Our methodologies


The restructuring of an offer involves two key elements. The design of the existing offer, or to be implemented, and the redefinition of the target markets.

A country or territory where tourism exists has a history. Offers already exist and must be taken into account to allow a homogeneous and attractive value proposition.

Design Thinking is a user/human centered and innovation-oriented method or approach. Whatever the field of application, empathy, creativity, co-creation, iteration and the right to make mistakes are at the heart of this innovation methodology. The objective is to appropriate the design tools to manage innovative projects and solve problems, past or future. This makes it possible to design innovative products and services for users, employees, consumers or users.


The way of selling tourist destinations is changing. It’s no longer about the typical “build a brand and they will come” approach. It is now a question of adopting a personalized and more human approach with your prospects and potential customers. It is necessary to determine more precisely its customer segments.

Traveler behavior will change as a result of the pandemic. They will look for experiences that match their values. It is therefore desirable to target an audience that shares the same characteristics as those of the structure or to encourage tourists to adopt a more responsible attitude. From a local excursionist clientele to that of vacationers, passing through secondary residents, all types of clientele must be taken into account in the restructuring of the tourist offer.

The Alps agency accompanies throughout the year a good number of territories and companies in their strategies or their reflections that make the difference. Do you want to know our references? Contact us

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